Your new Vintage Leather Bag is made with extreme care and intensive passion.  Our artisans train for years to learn their craft.  The fitments used the hold your leather bag together are themselves the best around.


What goes in to your bag Vintage Leather Bags


Whether you have a messenger bag, laptop bag or anything, you need tough! Our solid brass clips will keep your contents safe.


The swivel action means that your shoulder strap will not get into that annoying twisted state!




What goes in to your bag Vintage Leather Bags



The edges are securely held with tough cotton stitching.

Aswell as looking great, it ensures that whatever you keep in your leather briefcase or satchel is there to stay!

We use some of the strongest cotton around so you can be sure you are getting quality.




What goes in to your bag Vintage Leather BagsPockets

Most of our leather laptop bags and satchels come with side pockets.

Really handy for things like phones, chargers, emergency make up!

All safely in place and easy to organise.

Very secure too!  The solid brass buckle and leather strap make it very difficult for any unwelcome visitors to get access.




What goes in to your bag Vintage Leather BagsShoulder Pads

These pads are supplied on most of our leather bags.

When you are carrying books, laptop and the rest of the world in your bag, your shoulder know all about it!

These pads, where use make it so much easier for your poor straining shoulders!





What goes in to your bag Vintage Leather BagsHandles

Your new leather bag comes with tough strong handles.

All of our leather laptop bags, briefcases, travel bags etc come complete with super strong handles.

Securely riveted and glued this makes sure that you can be confident that wherever you are your prized possession