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Wholesale Black Leather Bags
This beautiful black leather bags collection is made from buffalo hide. Heavy duty, tough, rugged and here to stay. The hardy buffalo leather rucksacks and crossover bags look incredibly stylish and are a very limited edition. If you really to stand out from the average, then these black leather bags are going turn heads and drop jaws.
Exclusive black leather styles
A small and exclusive collection of black leather bags that is unique to The Vintage Leather Company. You can be sure that when you carry your handmade black leather bag, you have something with a presence and with charisma. Wherever you take it you know that your prized possessions are safe and secure. Tough zips and straps keep it all in place giving you at least one less thing to think about.

Ever been in that position where you scurrying around in your bag looking for the urgent something that you need right now? People waiting and stress levels at boiling point? That’s all in the past. No more of that sinking feeling when you are desperately searching for that gadget or gizmo. Plenty of secured pockets in your black leather bags will enable you to keep tickets, cables, chewing gum, drinks, pens, phones etc. safe so you can search and find with cool calm dignity!

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