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Vintage Leather Travel Bags

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When you are out  travelling, be it a local weekend away or over hill and down dale, your vintage leather overnight and travel  bag will be right with you!

With their tough stitched edges and comfy carry handles, your vintage leather travel bag will be easy to carry and will take special care of its precious cargo.  Our vintage leather overnight bags are stylish to carry, strong and protective and with a little  care will last you for  years.  Leather travel  bags are the epitome of style when out and about.   Vintage leather, with its special and unique id looks beautiful wherever you take it and leather bags just get better with age.

Our vintage leather luggage comes with tough long lasting zips that hold tight!  The brass buckles and catches keep everything in its place, safe and warm!  You just know that your goods and cargo are  going to be safe inside  your vintage leather travel bag.

Keep your vintage leather in its best condition with a few guidelines pointed out here  

Travelling with a vintage leather travel bag brings a kind of class that is special.  Each vintage leather bag carries its own character.   Each one is unique.  The beautiful flaws and imperfections in the leather just make vintage leather more real.  Too perfect  becomes unreal. You cannot fake vintage leather!  The aroma is a delight and the feel of your vintage leather travel and overnight bag is like nothing else.

We have searched worldwide to find these beautiful handmade vintage leather bags.   We wanted the artisans and crafts people who take so much care in making your vintage leather bag special to enjoy their work.   We  want your bag to last for years and we want you to love your vintage leather bag.

Here, I think we have now found it!  Stay in touch and let us know what you think.