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Vintage handmade rucksack

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Another of our really popular ranges.  If you are look for more space to carry your items and make it easier by carrying on your back rather than your shoulders then we have the perfect solution.

Some of  our smarter and cleverer vintage handmade rucksack switch very simply from a messenger bag  or  laptop bag giving you the choice of what you need for the day!  Is it a tough back day or an easier shoulder day? 

The vintage handmade rucksack is crafted to the highest quality using traditional leatherwork practices that have been passed through the ages from generation to generation.   This means you can be confident that your vintage leather rucksack is with you to stay!

It's a tough old bag that looks amazingly stylish and with a little  care will stay with you for years and years. Getting better and looking more stylish with each year that passes.