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About Us

We have been involved with finding amazing products since 2002. Working with artisans in India is one of the most interesting and thought provoking projects we have been involved in. was created to indulge in the wonderful Indian traditions and cultures.  Setting this up has been a fabulous experience and something we just love doing.  When you work with passionate crafts people, there is a special almost sibling bond that develops.  

Discussions are not about how we can shave a few percent off of a price, but the people and the beautiful products that they produce.  Learning about an up and coming apprentice's dream of becoming Master Leather Maker is inspiring and humbling.  

We talk about families, events, birthdays, weddings and when things don't go right. Being in a small community means that we stick together and support each other through ups and downs.  Fortunately mostly ups!

Thankfully we now have a dedicated and passionate team creating leather messenger bags, briefcases, laptop bags, travel bags, satchels and so much more.  It has been our pleasure presenting these to a great customer base, who seem to just love these awesome vintage leather styles as much as we do.

Our handmade leather bags are made with such love and care, it is such a pleasure for us to be involved with them.  People seem to love leather bags and we love being involved with them.  

I'm sure you will do too!

Trevor Maurer

Founder and Owner