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What's the Strangest thing in Your Handbag?

I will hazard a guess that it is not in the same league as some of these rather imaginative ‘must-haves’ that we have discovered.  Whilst the moto for many (and speaking from experience as your blogger was in fact in the Scouts) is ‘Be Prepared’ we wonder how prepared we really need to be?

A pack of tissues, sticky plasters (Band-Aids for our friends across the pond) notebook and pen, paracetamol seem to be pretty basic every day kit.  Exploring international bag users blogs we find some that vary between presenting a sad display of extreme society today to others that are just plain crazy!

A cautious Kenyan lady keeps a glass drinks bottle to hand.  Not for the sweltering 50c climate, but for self-defence protection.  She grew up in a slum rough area and once had to protect herself using a glass bottle.  Since then she has always carried one in her bag. 

Ostrich eggs were found in another bag during a routine security check.  For wildlife and conservation purposes it is illegal to carry them.  When the vigilant security guard explained the process of reporting to the Kenyan Wildlife commission, the lady begged and tearfully explained that they are carried on the instructions of a witch doctor for good luck!  Not for the ostriches it seems.

On a much sweeter note in insurance sales lady explained why she carried her boyfriend’s boxer shorts in her bag.  As he travels a lot, she feels secure when there is a part of him with her.  At night she wears them when she sleeps.   A much needed goodly sensitive tale.  Some things I just can’t help wondering though!  Would a piece of jewellery not be as affective?  I’m not even going start on the washing aspect! 

As a professional or trades person, it is likely normal to carry various tools and accessories in daily use.   A thoughtful nurse or doctor might carry some first aid products in case of emergency.  A tailor perhaps would feel comfortable with a needle and cotton or an accountant ever concerned about tax and finances may be forgiven for carrying a calculator to securely watch those restaurant bills.

A New Mexico gentleman who is a professional tarot card reader gave a security guard
 the shock of his life (almost literally) when certain very graphic tarot cards were found during a bag inspection. 

The Grim Reaper tarot card, or equivalent may be a skeleton with a scythe is a pretty menacing looking beast.  Many years ago I had a tarot reading and out popped this terrifying card, which I have to admit scared the living heck out of me!  The real meaning however is that things are changing.  Something in life is going to change and be replaced with something new.  This could be car, job, boyfriend’s boxer shorts or in fact boyfriend!  Usually the card signals change for the better.

On seeing the grim reaper card the quite superstitious security guard, by all accounts had something of a mild panic attack.  Subsequently the bag search turned in to a free tarot card reading for the security guard who is now highly optimistic about a new job and new girlfriend.

Staying on a spiritual note, it’s not unusual to carry some kind of personal effects that we believe brings power, luck or security.  A ticket that led us somewhere amazing, a note that reminds us how special we are when we need that little extra lift.  Happens to all of us!

A Cajun Country enthusiast carries jade, sugilite and aventurine in her bag.  Crystals are widely believed and used for holistic healing and wellbeing.   Carrying this combination is believed to enhance natural health, calming and bring good luck.  There are thousands of different kinds of crystal and minerals, which are believed by many to bring life enhancements.  When the right crystal connects with the right person they will feel a charge generated from the stone.  Carrying the stone that you connect with brings about a feeling of security, health and confidence.

Simple and just plain useful goodies that reside in handbags worldwide commonly include Swiss Army Knife, wet wipes, staplers, pliers, torches, measuring tape, manicure set, phone charger and my favourite, a tea spoon!  I can actually remember many occasions being in a café and having to stir my tea with one of those ghastly wooden sticks that just breaks the tea bag open releasing the leaves.  A mouth full of those and your day is completely shot!

My own briefcase seems to collect paper!  No idea where it comes from, it just seems to grow and that is living in a paperless society. 








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