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What's the Strangest thing in Your Handbag?

I will hazard a guess that it is not in the same league as some of these rather imaginative ‘must-haves’ that we have discovered.  Whilst the moto for many (and speaking from experience as your blogger was in fact in the Scouts) is ‘Be Prepared’ we wonder how prepared we really need to be? A pack of tissues, sticky plasters (Band-Aids for our friends across the pond) notebook and pen, paracetamol seem to be pretty basic every day kit.  Exploring international bag users blogs we find some that vary between presenting a sad display of extreme society today to others...

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Travelling and worried about lost luggage? You should be!

Whilst we understand that air travel is the safest form or transport for those of us on the seats, can the same be said for the bags and cases down below?  Something along the lines of 22 million travel bags are ‘mishandled’ each year and that has reduced by almost half over the previous 6 years.  In 2007, that figure was almost 47 million bags.  The good news is that it is continuing to improve.    Airlines are investing heavily in improving the  speed, security and reliability of luggage transfer.  A near 50% reduction to 22 million is a pretty...

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Know the difference between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated jewelry

Do you know the difference between silver plating and sterling silver? Most fashion jewelry is silver plated. Unless it is specifically marked otherwise you should assume that your piece is plated. Silver plating is a very thin layer of silver deposited on to a base metal such as copper, brass, or nickel. These jewelry pieces are more durable and generally less valuable then sterling silver jewelry pieces. If you wear the jewelry in water and don't care for it properly the plating will eventually rub off. Sterling Silver is at a minimum 92.5% pure silver. It is valuable and sought...

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The Fear That Haunts Online Shoppers.

Not long ago, many of us shopped in the local stores in our communities, weathering storms, inadequate parking, long lines, and wobbly shopping carts.In the U.S., Forrester Research showed $248.7 billion online sales in 2014 with a compounded growth of 10% forecasted for the next five years. In Western Europe sales are expected to reach 14 billion euros ($155.7 billion), with a growth of 11% percent annually. Apparel, computers and consumer electronics will continue to be dominant purchases; these three areas make up 40% of the current online sales which won't change in the near future.Important StatsOn average, retailers that...

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