Toronto Creative Genius Sets to on Settee

What do you get if you cross a dog chomped vintage couch with hoodie clad upcycling guru?  Recently in Toronto, the answer is a collection of awesome handmade vintage leather pouches.

For most, the sight of a decade old discarded couch left out for refuse collection would be quite unappealing to say the least.  However entrepreneur neighbour, Gillian Hyde had better ideas. The opportunity of a vintage leather renaissance was just too much to pass by for designer Gillian.   As someone who creates beautiful keyrings, straps, bags and so much more from retired utility accessories, she had just the right ideas.

Concerned that a needing family may also have good use for it, the couch was left until nightfall from where a cunning plan was hatched.  When night fell and the prize still had not been claimed, our intrepid designer clad in hoodie and brandishing craft knife took to settee surgery carefully removing all reusable leather.

After an impressively quick ten minute operation, a pile of premium quality real vintage leather was  whisked away from the leafy Toronto suburb to the workshop of Pip Robbins Accessories.  It was here that the magic began.  Gillian is an expert in creating beautiful accessories from reborn fabrics.  With this incredible vision and many years of experience, creation of a series of stunning and unique products began.

These leather pouches began to appear and by crikey, they do look rather stylish.  Now selling like  hot cakes!  The donor received the first production model of the couch pouch.  For me  personally I cannot bear to think of my gorgeous, beloved and rather beaten up vintage leather couch being used for anything else other than my occupation.   However if it had to go to the furniture showroom in the sky, I would be happy that a part of it stayed with me!

Toronto Creative Genius Sets to on Settee Vintage Leather BagsToronto Creative Genius Sets to on Settee Vintage Leather Bags

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