Have You Got Hidden Treasure in Your Wardrobe?

Vintage fashion is picking up super popular sales in High Street and High Rise stores and online.  The new place to be for many is the charity shop, where some of the most uber cool style statements can be purchased at some pretty down to earth prices.   However for some serious fashionistas, there is another level entirely!

Googling for vintage jeans brought something a little short of thirty million results. Going shopping and we find Levi’s genuine pre-1955 jeans on sale for £800. New Levi’s that look like they are decades old are yours for just £200 – ish.  Check out some auction sites for authentic looking vintage jeans and a quick £1400 can get some pretty hot styles with free delivery.

One person’s trash is another’s trophy.  Vintage shops are opening fast and furiously and are becoming quite a gold mine for some.  Those jeans that you can no long squeeze in to or that T Shirt you picked up as a souvenir from that Led Zeppelin concert could pay for your next holiday.

A Canadian shop specialising in collector’s vintage cool reports selling an Iron Maiden top for about £1,300 and a ‘paper thin’ Harley Davidson T Shirt for around £900.  Apparently a mining shirt dating back to 1914 went for over £10,000.  They don’t make them like they used to!

Vintage clothes and accessories are becoming investment real estate.   There is big money to be made in classic vintage fashion and accessories.

If you happen to have a vintage Chanel handbag kicking around in your loft or basement you have one of the fastest growing investments around.  This little jackpot can increase in value by up to 14% per year, outperforming many house prices.  A Chanel bag worth £780 in 1990 is valued at around £3300 now.  If anyone needs an excuse to buy a Chanel bag, there it is!

A Hermes Birkin bag takes you to an even higher level.  Specialist collectors of Hermes bags are paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for the classic Birkin bag inspired by legendary vintage screen goddess Jane Birkin.  If you are happy to start at the budget end of the scale, you can pick up a ‘pristine’ condition Hermes Birkin online for just around £100,000.  Not forgetting though, this could increase in value at a rate more than property.  Good investment?

Taking away the large expensive fashion items, style is priceless.  Everyone has retro!  Read any style pages in the news and you will see fashion icon celebrities wearing vintage and retro.  Quite often though, new disguised as old has a huge price tag to quantify it.  Genuine retro can be found at home!  The big gain here is that there is no need to fork out for the high priced new retro that is designed to look like old retro!

Please note that none of the above is investment advice!  Just anecdotal discussion.

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