The Gift of a Handmade Vintage Leather Bag

Let’s really not underestimate the importance and the intensity of wisdom required when that decision is made to buy that vintage leather bag that you have always wanted.  Maybe it’s a gift?  A personal gift for yourself – you deserve this! Or a friend or family member equally deserving of a beautiful handmade leather bag.  With so much choice, there is a vintage style bag for everyone, but fine tuning that in to getting the exact leather rucksack, messenger bag, briefcase or travel bag takes some consideration and not to be taken lightly!

Something Different

One of the great heavyweight conundrums of our time is the choice of buying gifts.  A rare and hilarious novelty? A voucher requiring zero imagination, effort or thought? Practical and useful or impractical and fun?  Keeping up with the latest trends and fashions or steering well clear with a firm statement of individuality and personal style.

Oh the agony of choice! Why does gift buying have to be so incredibly complicated?

The gift that is unusual, individual, practical and fun with just the right dose of surprise!  Now that’s a gift that is remembered.  On top of that, a gift that does not break the bank.

Men and women alike, seem to get a simple pleasure from the recognition that comes with being seen as someone with style.  Certain men I know seem to get rather too much pleasure and court it with an unashamed gusto!  Still if a cool new vintage leather laptop bag or satchel makes them gleefully happy then it can only be a good thing.

Reviews to The Vintage Leather Company about our products so often bring the point of how friends and work colleagues admire the stunning finish on their new vintage leather briefcase or satchel.  So many of our customers found us through recommendations.

A gift that is unusual and is as individual as the lucky beneficiary.  A vintage leather gift that is not the same as any other.  Something that is admired and becomes part of a conversation.  A gift where the giver is sincerely remembered, not just for an excessive amount of expenditure, but for the thought.

Something Useful

A gift for work of for play!  The vintage leather briefcase for serious business or the vintage leather handbag for serious business with an  element of much needed fun.  The vintage leather satchel for business, fun and a unique style.  The vintage leather travel bag for business, fun, style and security.

Customers of The Vintage Leather Company are wonderfully diverse.  We love getting the reviews and a couple of our favourites:

From a barrister in Canada “I feel so badass walking in to the court room with my vintage leather briefcase”

From an adoring husband in Chile “You have made me the best husband ever”

Photographers, teachers, lawyers, artists, musicians love using their handmade vintage leather messenger bags, satchels travel bags, handbags.  Not just that, but husbands, wives, mothers and fathers have all visited The Vintage Leather Company to choose very special gifts for their loved ones.  It means so much to us too when we are chosen as the ones who are going to supply that special coming home present for a daughter serving in the US Navy or a son who is graduating.  Handmade vintage leather rucksacks, or beautiful brown vintage leather satchels chosen as the special gift for a special person.

Something useful like a leather handbag or leather satchel stays with the person.  It is there through thick and through thin, alongside them through all of life’s day to day challenges.

Something Stylish

When you carry your vintage leather satchel or travel bag you are delivering a statement. It’s not about fashion, but style.  Orson Welles declared “Style is about knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn!”  Well, there is someone who knows what he is talking about and speaks with immense authority and experience.

Fashion, by definition is following the look dictated by others.  They may have style, maybe immense style, but when the masses want a piece of it, then they become fashionable. The style that was a unique and possibly even daring reflection of their personality fades and becomes a fashion that is shared among the wannabee masses.

Vintage handmade goatskin leather bags from the villages are not found in High Street shops or malls.  Look in all the mega brand super boutiques and see piles and piles and row after row of very fashionable attire.  Available in all sizes and probably a whole load of colours.  Made to an exact specification to look perfect.  And it will be perfect!  Not a stitch out of place.  Each one of the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands exactly the same. Perfect.

Teams of professional, expert supervisors, designers, directors with blueprints and fearsome clipboards ensure that each one is made to an exact standard.

Buy a handmade vintage leather briefcase or vintage leather tote and stand it next to a pile of others made by the same craftsman from the same workshop using the same pattern and you will know exactly which one is yours.  Each vintage leather bag made from the characteristic goat hide has its own personality and its own individuality.

A swarthy artisan sitting barefoot on the cool concrete floor admires his work learned the hard way. From the four year apprenticeship to the admired and revered master craftsman overseeing and guiding the apprentices of today.

When your bag leaves the workshop stitched, studded and massaged with a blend of vegetable oils to finish, the perfect imperfections mean you are giving a gift that is as unique and individual as the one who is wearing it.

Something with a Future

Whether it is a tan or brown vintage leather rucksack or a black handmade vintage leather satchel, you have a piece that will last.  It has a future and will just get better with age.  The owner of the vintage leather laptop bag or vintage leather briefcase can relax and fear not about the scratches and marks that are guaranteed to appear. As time hits hard, the rigours of every day travel means that this vintage leather bag is going to get hit!  Scratches and scrapes, like the proverbial death and taxes are the few thigs that you can be sure of.

The vintage leather bag with some serious mileage is a handsome beast.  The scars and wrinkles bear character that says ‘been there and done it’.  It’s a bag to feel safe with and to know that it will be loyal whatever is thrown at it.

Giving a precious gift that will last for years and get better with age is special.  You know that you will be remembered as the one who gave this special gift that stands loyal and hardy through storm and through sunshine.

The vintage leather travel bag is a Bon Voyage gift bringing style, safety and security together.  Big and spacious aswell as tough and incredibly cool.  Check out any travel blog and see that the most hardy of adventurers never leave without a vintage leather satchel or backpack.  With tough, secure buckles and pockets galore those typically elusive tickets, passports, maps and guides are always in reach.  I have such fond memories of scurrying around desperately searching for passport, tickets, boarding passes etc. Literally feeling the gazeful glare of the British Airways check-in crew, whose legendary patience and calm were clearly reaching breaking point.

Oh how we laughed!

Even following a tortuous cramped up night flight, there is a not so well hidden anxiety at the suitcase conveyor.  One by one they drop in like lottery numbers and there is heart stopping tension as each travel bag and suitcase goes by.  For the majority each bag is visually scanned by anxious onlookers mentally rewinding back 24 hours in a foggy attempt to recall the colour, shape, size of their suitcase.

The traveller with the handmade vintage leather travel bag knows straight away.  That crumpled and battered leather travel tote springs out on the conveyor with heroic gusto like a faithful friend reunited.

The vintage leather travel totes are superb gifts for men and for women.  Vintage leather is loyal and looks better as time goes by.  Scratch it and a quick rub with a fingertip will fix it.  Crease it and it will soon undo.  A vintage leather bag is a perfect gift to be remembered by.

Something Valuable

We have had many comments and a whole lot of feedback about the prices of our vintage leather bags.  They are very well priced and excellent value for money.  A beautiful vintage leather satchel, or a vintage leather rucksack, back pack can be bought very inexpensively.  The vintage leather laptop bags and vintage leather travel bags are superb value for money.  A gift that has huge value, but comparatively low cost.

Consider then, that this beautiful low cost vintage leather bag will last for years and can be carried around without fear of scratch or damage.  Now that is priceless!  Don’t underestimate the loyalty that is received with a tough ‘go anywhere’ vintage leather bag.  Friends for life!

What value do you place on the ability to know that your treasured and special possessions are safe? What is the price for peace of mind?  The price for knowing that a special gift or a special possession is going to stay safe.  The knowledge that if the vintage leather bag get battle worn it will just add to the character.

Scratches in vintage leather don’t last long.  The warmth of simply rubbing a finger over the scratch magically warms the leather fibres and removes the scratch.  What remains is battle scar character that make the vintage leather bag more endearing.

Something with Character

Buying a gift from a gift shop or a department store can be such a clinical process.  It’s all packed in fancy mass printed cardboard or plastic packaging.  So often it’s an exciting product that one out of a  run of a million or so.  It’s a cool gift, but somehow lacking the individual character that makes it a thoughtful gift.  It will go on a shelf or a desk for a while and eventually be put away in a cupboard in place of the next latest fashionable gift.

Buy a gift that is as individual as the person who you are giving it to.  A vintage leather briefcase for work or a vintage leather backpack for play.  A vintage leather tote bag for shopping or a vintage leather laptop bag or camera bag for….you know the rest!

These bags are a talking point.  Carry one of them around and people ask about it.  They have likely not seen vintage leather like this before.  We hear it a lot!

“My work colleagues asked where I got it from”

“My friend at work has one and just had to get one”

How about a gift that opens conversations and new friendships!

One of our most memorable stories at The Vintage Leather Company is of Joe and Diane.  Childhood sweethearts who lost touch and found each other again on Facebook.  Joe is an amazing blogger and wrote about his purchase.

Joe loved the bag so much that he wanted to take one when he met with Diane after decades of being apart.  He knew it was exactly the style that she would love.  Also that the vintage leather backpack that he bought her was not mass produced in a huge factory, but on the cool concrete floor by an aged artisan in sandals.

Diane loved the bag and loved that Joe had been so right in picking it for her.  This was the re-start of a beautiful and very special friendship.  Joe did most of the work himself, we can’t take all the credit here!  However he gave the perfect present and showed the care he took in choosing it.

Read the story of Joe and Diane here

The latest news, Joe and Diane are getting married.  It started with a bag!

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